Climateworks data analyst Coral Bravo spoke to Tim Wheeler from the Green Building Council of Australia on the GBCA podcast The Voice. They chatted about her work on the Net Zero Momentum Tracker project, focussing on a recent report on the transition to net zero in local government, an area in which substantial progress is being made.

‘It was really exciting to see that all the councils were undertaking initiatives to reduce their emissions,’ Coral explained.

‘We have engaged with a few councils in the communication for our report, and we’ve seen councils referring to our work as they develop their new climate strategies. So there is definitely interest, ambition in the sector to address both the operational and the community emissions. And this is reflected, as well, in the net zero targets that have been adopted since we published the report.’

You can listen to this (and other) episodes of The Voice on Soundcloud, and read the report on local government at the Climateworks Australia site.