After more than a decade bridging the gap between research and climate action, we’re updating our name to recognise our work in Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

ClimateWorks Australia is now Climateworks Centre.

We have not changed what we do. Climateworks Centre is a non-profit organisation focused on achieving net zero emissions in the region, aligned with the global goal of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees. 

‘We’re striving for systems-level change, focusing on seven systems of decarbonisation. Our name update to Climateworks Centre reflects this ambition.’

Anna Skarbek, CEO.

Launched in 2009 by Monash University and The Myer Foundation, we’ve worked within the Monash Sustainable Development Institute since our inception and continue to do so.  

Climateworks began as a small team, focused on accelerating the transition to net zero emissions in Australia. An ambitious startup, we found ways to shift policies and practices in Australia to achieve emissions reductions across the economy. We collaborated with supporters, became trusted advisers to government, business and investors, and grew our team while raising the bar for action along the way. 

Following the Paris Agreement, we recognised the need to work with partners in this region to achieve decarbonisation. 

‘As a region with the fastest growing emissions in the world and an extreme vulnerability to climate change impacts, Southeast Asia is “make or break” for global climate action,’ said Meg Argyriou, Head of International and Country Context at Climateworks Centre. 

‘With climate impacts already being felt by Pacific Island countries, their tiny populations have  exerted outsized influence in global climate negotiations.’

In 2017, Ms Argyriou began leading our work in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, and we commenced our international strategy. In 2018, we employed our first Indonesia-based staff member. We have since opened new locations in Perth, Canberra and Jakarta, and the team – headquartered in Melbourne – has grown to over 80 staff. This includes six local staff as part of Monash Indonesia in Jakarta. 

‘The demand for decarbonisation knowledge and expertise is enormous in Indonesia, and the economic opportunities are real,’ said Climateworks Centre Indonesia Country Lead Guntur Sutiyono. ‘Indonesia as G20 president is focusing on improving global health architecture, promoting digital economy and sustainable finance, and progressing the sustainable energy transition. It is the right time for Climateworks Centre to be expanding here.’

Climateworks partners strategically in the region to shift the dial on climate ambition. We collaborate with ministries, development and finance institutions, international NGOs and local research and implementation partners. 

‘Our work shows this region has lots to gain from the net zero transition. In addition to our work in Indonesia, Climateworks Centre is already working across country boundaries to support long term, ambitious decarbonisation across most ASEAN member countries, to address short term needs in the clean energy transition, and to unlock the finance needed to catalyse the transition,’ said Ms Argyriou. 

In 2021, this included contributions to Indonesia’s net zero emissions ambition for 2060, collaborations to make the case for decarbonisation across ASEAN member states and support for the Kingdom of Tonga to submit their long-term low emissions strategy to the UNFCCC.

Climateworks Centre specialises in emissions reductions across the ‘physical systems’ of decarbonisation – cities, industry, energy and food, land and oceans – and ‘enabling systems’ – corporates, economies and finance. This is brought together with specialist knowledge of systems change approaches and local and international context across Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

In making the announcement, Climateworks Centre CEO, Anna Skarbek, said, ‘To achieve our mission, we’re striving for systems-level change, focusing on seven systems of decarbonisation to deliver 1.5 degree aligned, net zero pathways and catalyse their implementation across the region, working with decision makers and enablers within Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Our name update to Climateworks Centre reflects this ambition.’

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