Wyndham City Council falls within one of Melbourne’s designated growth corridors, and has a projected population forecast of over 240,000 by 2036. Despite rapid growth, a high commuter population and increasing development, the council aims to significantly reduce community emissions

Emissions from electricity consumption currently constitute over 80 per cent of Wyndham’s community emissions. The council is aiming for net zero emissions from electricity use by 2040. To achieve this goal the council plans to help the community reduce energy use and switch to renewables. Proposals include: 

  • a community bulk buy program to provide discounted solar panels, battery storage and energy efficient appliances 
  • grants and support for community energy projects 
  • education programs to inform the community and businesses about energy bill reduction and solar power 
  • access to solar and energy efficiency experts 
  • planning scheme amendments and new guidelines for home builders to facilitate solar power installation and energy efficiency improvements. 

To address other sources of community emissions, the council has implemented parking incentives and installed charge points to increase the uptake of electric vehicles. It has also launched a Green Money App, which rewards residents for making healthy, sustainable choices, such as walking, cycling and saving energy, with discounted movie tickets, coffee vouchers and similar incentives. 

The council has endorsed the Wyndham Active Transport Strategy 2020, which aims to ‘turn walking and cycling into a genuine transport mode of choice for residents going about their daily business’.