One of Australia’s largest diversified property groups, GPT owns and manages some of Australia’s most well-known retail, office and logistics properties including Melbourne Central, Sydney’s Australia Square and Brisbane’s Riverside Centre. GPT has pledged to achieve net zero emissions for buildings it has an ownership interest in by 2030, including buildings it co-owns or does not manage. In addition, the GPT Wholesale Office Fund, a multi-billion dollar portfolio of office assets, has pledged to be carbon neutral by 2020. To reduce energy consumption, GPT has undertaken technology replacement (e.g. LED lighting), retrofits and upgrades and implemented building management technologies. The group is purchasing electricity from renewable sources and installing onsite solar generation and battery storage. Use of gas is being reduced through electrification. Carbon offsets are purchased for emissions that are not mitigated. To engage tenants in its initiatives, GPT holds forums on building management and performance and hosts tours of energy efficient buildings.

GPT is working with its peers across the property sector to use lower embodied carbon construction materials.