Climateworks Centre is among more than 100 organisations to sign a joint statement emphasising the strong community support in Australia for lifting energy standards in the 2022 National Construction Code.

The statement has been released two weeks ahead of a National Building Ministers meeting, where the Commonwealth, State and Territory Ministers have the opportunity to confirm amendments to the code.

The statement notes that it has been more than a decade since Australia meaningfully increased the minimum energy efficiency requirements for new homes in the National Construction Code.

Signatories to the statement back proposed new energy performance requirements including raising the minimum thermal performance standard from 6 to 7 stars (NatHERS equivalent) and the introduction of a ‘whole -of-home’ energy budget for fixed appliances (heating and cooling, hot water, lighting, and pool and spa pumps).

“By strengthening energy provisions in the National Construction Code and mandating the implementation of a 7 star minimum energy standard, Australia’s governments have an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to reducing emissions, as well as reducing the cost of living and improving building quality and comfort for Australian householders,” Climateworks Centre Cities Lead Margot Delafoulhouze says.

The joint statement was signed by signed by 105 organisations across the consumer, social services, tenancy, energy, environment, health, construction and housing sectors.

The statement outlines how lifting energy performance standards will:

The statement notes that all Australian homes should be safe, healthy, comfortable and affordable and that now is the time to lift energy performance standards for new homes.

You can read the full statement via the Renew website.

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