In May 2020 The Australian Government released the Technology Investment Roadmap Discussion Paper as part of a consultation process. On June 12 the ANU Energy Change Institute and Climate Change Institute presented an open public forum to share perspectives from a range of backgrounds.

Climateworks CEO Anna Skarbek joined CO2 Value Australia Director Sophia Hamblin Wang, CSIRO Hydrogen Industry Mission’s Dr Patrick Hartley, ANU Crawford School of Public Policy’s Prof Frank Jotzo and ANU Energy Change Institute’s Dr Elizabeth Ratnam for the discussion chaired by ANU Energy Change Institute Director, Prof Ken Baldwin.

The forum was designed to examine in detail the impacts of the roadmap with the expert panel.

“All of the technologies in the scenarios that we studied are included in the government’s technology investment roadmap.” Anna Skarbek referenced Climateworks’ Decarbonisation Futures research in addressing the roadmap.

“What that work showed is that the technologies are available and in many cases mature or already demonstrated, and what’s needed is to accelerate their deployment, and the pace of deployment and scale is the acceleration that we need.”

Anna Skarbek

“I’m pleased to note that the technology investment roadmap itself acknowledges this and in particular also acknowledges the breadth of the sectors where these technologies need to be deployed. And so in relation in particular to sectors outside of electricity, the paper acknowledges that challenges to deployment of cost saving technologies across the built environment, transport, industry and agriculture is a priority.”

You can watch the full panel below and access Climateworks’ submission to the technology investment roadmap here.